Finat Invest Oy, the Finnish real estate company, is looking for an office manager.


The company was founded in 2007 and since then was successfully investing in commercial and residential properties located at prime zones of Helsinki, Tampere and Vantaa.


1. Organization of office work

  • translating and preparing reports which represent the interests of the shareholder at the request of the Moscow office
  • correspondence with counterparties such as tenants, realtors, banks, contractors and other business partners;
  • interaction with the audit service (outsourcing), accounting (outsourcing), banks

2. Interaction with the head office in Moscow

  • supervision of financial issues (rental income, taxation, communication with banks)
  • taking care on investment-related issues by being intermediary between the head office in Moscow and local realtors

3. Tenancy management (locations – Helsinki, Tampere, Vantaa)

  • conclusion and prolongation of rental agreements
  • organization of the selection of new tenants
  • control of current rent income flow
  • solving issues of receivables settlement
  • problems solving at tenant requests
  • control over maintaining the proper condition of the properties in portfolio

4. Coordination of interaction with realtors

  • intermediary role between the Moscow office and realtors
  • gathering and transferring to the Moscow office of the most reliable information on potential investment objects (pictures, features, etc.)
  • financial issues


  • Higher education
  • Knowledge of the economic basis of rental relations
  • Experience in real estate or commercial trade
  • Fluency in Finnish and Russian


 EUR 2,000 (after tax) plus bonuses

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