international students

International students in Finland: why come and why stay?

Vieraskynä Studying in Finland, Working in Finland

In this blog post, we talk about a study that looks at international students in Finland. It looks at why they come and why they stay here. The study is mainly based on survey responses from international students collected in spring 2019. Finland is trying hard to attract more international talent to the country to counteract the looming labor shortage. For …

technology sector

The skills needed in the technology sector in Finland

Vieraskynä Working in Finland

The Technology Industry Employers of Finland (Technology Finland) released their future employee needs assessment on September 23rd, 2021. According to them, Finnish employers in the technology sector will need 130 000 new employees within the next 10 years. What makes this assessment interesting are the skills maps they also released. Those skills maps explain what skills are needed in Finland in the …

Importance of networks

Job hunting in Finland: the importance of networks

Vieraskynä Working in Finland

In this blog post, we talk about job hunting in Finland and the importance of networks. We also talk about what those networks actually do. And we give you a few tips on how to start building networks in Finland. Importance of networks in job hunting in Finland It’s a well-known fact that in Finland networks play an important role …


How to Nail a Job Interview? Working in Finland

We’ve all been told that a job interview starts with a sturdy handshake. Wrong. Though the first impression is very important in a job interview, a successful interview starts long before that. Preparation is the key to success. The work that you put in before you arrive for the interview will enable you to be clear on what you are …