international students

International students in Finland: why come and why stay?

Vieraskynä Studying in Finland, Working in Finland

In this blog post, we talk about a study that looks at international students in Finland. It looks at why they come and why they stay here. The study is mainly based on survey responses from international students collected in spring 2019. Finland is trying hard to attract more international talent to the country to counteract the looming labor shortage. For …

Working conditions in Finland

Working conditions in Finland today: trends and recent changes

Vieraskynä Working in Finland

Finnwards have talked a lot about working conditions in Finland. They have looked at discrimination and gender equality issues in a number of their blogs. They have also specifically talked about what it’s like to work in Finland. This blog takes a look at the preliminary data of the 2020 Working Life Barometer published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in …