Updated 1.10.2020

This privacy policy applies to Rekrytointi.com service and personal data stored to the service. Personal data is processed according to this privacy policy, Finnish legislation and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. This privacy policy will be updated as necessary. We will only notify about the changes if they are significant or the applicable law so requires.


1.   Register controller
2.   Purpose and the legal basis for processing personal data
3.   Data processors
4.   Transferring of data outside the EU or EEA
5.   Retention of personal data
6.   Register content
7.   Personal data received from elsewhere than the data subject
8.   Register protection principles
9.   User’s rights and the use of the rights
10. Decision making and profiling
11. Cookies

1. Register controller

LAURA Recruitment Ltd

Business ID: FI14785574
Tel. +358 44 7700 560

Contact person:

Pekka Miettinen

2. Purpose and the legal basis for processing personal data

Through the personal data stored to the Rekrytointi.com service, we support our users to evolve and succeed in their career as well as our customers within their business. We help the applicants to find the right job, suitable training or entrepreneurship opportunities. We help our customers to find suitable workers, entrepreneurs, or training participants. Users can choose to create a user ID for the service. User ID creation requires the transfer of personal data for the purposes of the service, which are for example search alert and applying for a job or training as well as buying and creating a listing.

LAURA Recruitment Ltd will also use personal data for the management and development of customer relations, the design and development of the business, PR, marketing, opinion and market research and analysis as well as statistics.

Legal basis for processing personal data:

  1. Registered User: Processing is based on agreement between the user and LAURA Recruitment Ltd (GDPR article 6. 1b).
  2. Completion of the application form which opens directly from the listing: The processing is based on the request of the data subject in order to take steps prior to entering a contract (employment contract or training registration) (GDPR article 6. 1b). In these cases, the contract partner is the party responsible for the listing.
  3. Listings: Job and training listings may include personal data that is provided by the advertisers. The publication and processing of personal data on these listings is the responsibility of the party responsible for the listing and the processing is based on the agreement (GDPR article 6. 1b).

3. Data processors

LAURA Recruitment Ltd mainly handles personal data itself, and the development and maintenance of the service is done by its own experts. However, LAURA Recruitment Ltd uses selected subcontractors to enable certain parts of the service to be implemented: Valtti Kumppanit Oy is responsible for the server platform and Paytrail Plc is the payment service associated with the purchase of listings (Paytrail’s privacy policy: https://www.paytrail.com/en/data-privacy-notice-paytrail-payment-service).

4. Transferring of data outside the EU or EEA

Data stored on the service will not be transferred outside the EU or EEA by LAURA Recruitment Ltd. All service-related data is located on servers in Finland.

LAURA Recruitment Ltd uses ActiveCampaign platform for email marketing. ActiveCampaign collects ia. information provided through contact forms, information about used devices and browsers, time spent on pages, and page navigation. Data is transferred to the ActiveCampaign based to a customer relationship and according to user-provided information. In B2B marketing, personal data may also be collected from public sources, such as contact information on the company’s websites and different contact information registers. ActiveCampaign is an U.S.-based company, which means that personal data will be transferred outside of the European Union. However, personal data is protected as required by the Personal Data Act and ActiveCampaign is a certified company of the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield Framework. Learn more about ActiveCampaign privacy policy, GDPR compliance and cookie policies.

LAURA Recruitment Ltd, however, does not take a stand on where the data may end up in the following cases:

  • Listings published on the site may include advertiser provided personal data, which are part of the public listings. The listing and the included personal data can be read and stored anywhere in the world.
  • Rekrytointi.com’s server platform provider’s storage systems’ vendor maintenance may happen outside of the EU.

5. Retention of personal data

Personal data stored on Rekrytointi.com will be retained for as long as there is a need for data processing. The data will be deleted when they are no longer necessary for the operations of the controller or otherwise necessary. The data of a registered user will be deleted from the service after one and a half year if the user has not been active in that period. Also sections containing personal data will be deleted from listings over one year old. LAURA Recruitment Ltd, however, does not delete data that is subject to e.g. requirements required by law (e.g. the accounting legislation). These include for example web shop purchase data.

6. Register content

Data collected and stored on the Rekrytointi.com site will vary depending on the service and will be reflected in the use of the service. All the information that the user provides of himself / herself is stored to the register.

For example, the data to be stored can be:

Basic user: Name, email address, search criteria in search alerts and information on the use of the services.

User buying a listing: Basic information of the advertiser’s contact details and the company or organization: name, professional / title, telephone number, email address, business ID, billing information, payment details and ordering information.

Sending a contact form: Contact information such as name, email address, other contact information and contact information message.

Generally the service also saves log information containing eg. IP-address, info on used browser, accessed page address, page address from which the user has accessed a page.

7. Personal data received from elsewhere than the data subject

Personal data can be obtained otherwise than from the registered user himself. Such personal data is, for example, contact person’s or other person’s contact details on the listings in cases when the listing has been published by other person or the listings come through an integration e.g. from the customer’s publishing system. LAURA Recruitment Ltd does not specifically assure or request consent to the processing of these personal data, since securing the case for each listing will cause unreasonable work to handle the matter.

8. Register protection principles

Adequate and appropriate organizational and technical solutions are implemented for the protection of personal data on the service. The physical and digital security of the server hardware used for data storage is properly handled. Server environment provider has an ISO-27001 security certificate. Stored data, server access rights and other critical data related to the security of personal data are processed confidentially and only by employees with suitable job description. Service data is backed up on a regular basis and can be returned if needed.

The entire Rekrytointi.com site uses TLS encryption to protect the communication between the user’s browser and the service. The service using the TLS encryption is usually identified by the lock image next to the browser’s address box and the HTTPS-initiated address.

9. User’s rights and the use of the rights

The user has the right to inspect and correct the data stored on the service. The service allows you to comprehensively review and edit the data stored on the service when a user logs in to the service with their user ID.

The user also has the right to request the removal of personal data or the limitation of personal data processing unless they are not prevented by the legitimate interests of LAURA Recruitment Ltd or the legislation requirements. In addition, the user has the right to transfer data from one system to another. The user also has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority if he or she suspects that LAURA Recruitment Ltd has processed his / her personal data in violation of the law and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The necessary contacts or questions regarding these rights should be addressed to info@rekrytointi.com. LAURA Recruitment Ltd reserves the right to request additional information and to verify the identity, if necessary. The contacts will be answered in one month.

10. Decision making and profiling

The Rekrytointi.com site does not do automated decision making related to personal data collected.

The Rekrytointi.com site collects various analytical information. This information is used to collect statistics on how the service is used and to measure advertising as well as to help develop the service. Analytical information is collected using various third-party services:

Google Analytics: Google Inc’s (Google) web analytics service that we use to track site usage and the number of visitors. See more about Google Analytics privacy.

Criteo: Used to target job content in Criteo’s advertising network. Learn more about Criteo’s privacy policy.

Improve Media: Used to target our advertising in Improve Media’s advertising network. Learn more about Improve Media’s privacy policy and cookies.

Facebook pixel: Used to target our advertising in Facebook. Learn more about Facebook’s advertising settings.

SurveyMonkey: Used to gather user feedback as well as periodic research inquiries.

ActiveCampaign: Used to target LAURA Recruitment Ltd’s marketing. Learn more about ActiveCampaign privacy policy, GDPR compliance and cookie policies.

Leadfeeder: Used to track visitor behaviour and organizations of the visitors. Learn more about Leadfeeder privacy policy ja GDPR compliance.

Jobtip: Jobtip tool reads and analyzes information on the Rekrytointi.com site. It collects information about the user’s career interests based on user’s behavior on the site and categorizes the user into a certain job category. This allows us to provide the user with more personalized content in social media (Facebook, Instagram). No further information about the user is collected or delivered to Jobtip. More information about Jobtip can be found at https://jobtip.com/privacy-policy/.

In addition, the following services are used: Google Maps and reCaptcha.

11. Cookies

Rekrytointi.com website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file saved on the user’s device by a web browser. By using the Rekrytointi.com website, you will approve the use of cookies. You can read more information on cookies at https://www.viestintavirasto.fi/en/cybersecurity/safeuseofservices/cookies.html. The cookies used at Rekrytointi.com website will not save personal data of the user. Cookies will be used only to offer the user the best possible service experience and for analytics. We will develop our services with the help of analytics and to do targeted marketing. It is possible to disable the cookie feature in your browser settings, but it is important to note that part of the site’s functionality such as sign-in and purchasing requires cookies.