Exchange students and exchange programs Studying in Finland

Finnish universities and polytechnics cooperate with many study abroad programs around the globe making it possible for students to study in Finland as an exchange student. An applicant who wishes to study in Finland through a study abroad program should contact the international advisor at their current institution. In addition if you are considering studying abroad, it is a wise choice to plan ahead (preferably a year) giving you plenty of time to get all paperwork and other necessities in order.

Here is a list of some of the most popular exchange programs in Finland

Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus student and teacher exchanges; study programmes and many other options (The Higher Education Programme of the SOCRATES II )

ISEP worldwide network for Universities, consisting of 245 US institutions and 35 other countries.

North-2-North The student exchange program provides opportunities for students to experience different northern regions firsthand.

CIMO NORTH-SOUTH (Facilitated through CIMO) Established links between higher education institues in Finland and developing nations, while stressing the value of education

FIRST (Facilitated through CIMO) A Finnish Russian exchange which promotes bilateral mobility of students with the goal of strenthening of relationship of higher education.

AIESEC, is the world’s largest student organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society. This organization provides many opportunities for students and young people to become internationaly involved as well as locally involved.

IAESTE, a student work exchange programm that focuses on technical work experience offers an opportunity to do a traineeship in your own field abroad.

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