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Part of what makes study in Finland so competitive in a global aspect is its prestigious education system. Education is very important in Finland, and plays a key role in Finland’s national strategy; based on a desire to develop into an information society. Read these useful tips what you need to know about studying in Finland.

For foreigners looking to study and train abroad Finland offers a comfortable environment to gain academic and professional experience, while still offering personal growth opportunities through living in, and experiencing a different culture.

There are approximately 8 400 foreign students enrolled in Finnish degree programs and about 7 200 students studying in Finland through various exchange programs.

What to study in Finland

The international student can come to Finland for example as an exchange student or a trainee. You can also study for a whole academic degree.

For the exchange student: check out the list of some of the most popular exchange programs in Finland.

For the trainee: check out the training opportunities.

Here you can find more information about the study programmes in Finland.

Where to study in Finland

In Finland there is 12 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences. Check the list of the higher education institutions in Finland and link paths leading to theirs websites.

How to apply

Find the information here.

Trainee programs and working in Finland

Check the list of the trainee programs and internships in Finland. Although the page is in Finnish, many of the links will be in English, so take a look!

If you find it hard to find a job in Finland take a look our tips about job searching and career planning! You will find the most useful tips for your career in Finland. If you are looking for a job, explore open job opportunities at


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