Finnish salaries

Finnish salaries in the European context

Vieraskynä Working in Finland

In this post, we put Finnish salaries into the European context. We look at wage differences and wage distribution in different employer groups in Europe. This blog is based on a 2019 report by the Labor Institute for Economic Research. Merja Kauhanen of the Labor Institute for Economic Research and Olli-Matti Laine of the Bank of Finland conducted the study. …

employment contracts

Finnish employment contracts

Vieraskynä Working in Finland

If you are about to start a new job in Finland, this blog is for you. In this blog post, we’ll very briefly take a look at what’s supposed to be covered in Finnish employment contracts. You can learn more about this and other employment-related regulations in Finnwards tutorial Working in Finland. Employment contracts: a written or a verbal contract? …

international students

International students in Finland: why come and why stay?

Vieraskynä Studying in Finland, Working in Finland

In this blog post, we talk about a study that looks at international students in Finland. It looks at why they come and why they stay here. The study is mainly based on survey responses from international students collected in spring 2019. Finland is trying hard to attract more international talent to the country to counteract the looming labor shortage. For …

Labor shortages

What’s with the talk of labor shortages in Finland?

Vieraskynä Working in Finland

For a long time, discussions about the labor market have focused on the labor shortages in Finland. In fact, the main reason the Finnish government is actively pushing for the attraction of foreign professionals to the Finnish labor market is this labor shortage. At the same, however, there is a large number of people who are unemployed in Finland. Even without …